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A Garden Shop & Lifestyle, with a twist on an old traditional garden center, followed by lifestyle, which is my own creation, we handpicked brands and products that are based on nature ingredients should be organic/natural/botanical/plant-based - environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Botanical Charm's core belief is all about getting people back to the old school way of gardening, growing your own vegetables with no pesticides, no chemicals, the way grandma use to grow vegetables which was called ‘gardening’ then and now it’s called organic gardening. We also believe in bringing the outside in and creating your own oasis inside with indoors plants and we help with selecting natural products for the care of your house plants.

At Botanical Charm we want to inspire you with ideas to get you into gardening outdoors and indoors.

Gardening is for everyone, if you own your own home or if you rent, board, there are solutions (think container planting). You can be creative and create your style of garden. There are many different styles and types, you can think of bringing outdoors in by creating a tropical jungle in pots, or you could ‘grow your own’ outside with a vegetable garden and herb garden or create an oasis in your backyard with tropical jungle or maybe you'd prefer the style of a cottage garden or rock garden or vertical gardening, you can have lush lawns, water fountains or other water features such as a large pond or rock pool, you can add features to attract native birds to your garden or you could choose something low maintenance.  Whatever you do the best part of all is to create your own little slice of paradise, a natural retreat after a stressful day of hustle and bustle of everyday life, getting back to nature!

We aim for organic gardening but sometimes the garden or vegetable garden can get away from us, in the future, we will stock some non-organic products to kill weeds.





Botanical Charm is more than just a Garden Shop, we also do Lifestyle products, bringing the Botanical Charm philosophy of ‘getting back to nature’ with handpicked natural products to your home with ingredients that are natural, environmentally friendly, cruelty-free and sustainable.

I could not find these types of products in one place which inspired me to create my own range and from this I have curated a selection of products that are hard to find in one spot.

All are cosmetics, skincare, personal care, pet products, candles, home fragrance, household products are cruelty-free.

At the end of the day, I can’t change the world but can make a difference, with what I am stocking.


Home Goods:
Kitchen, Dining, Entertainment, Bathroom, and Laundry;

Fill your home with beautiful pieces, New Zealand made and carefully curated items from around the world, which is ethically made, give as a gift or décor for your home. Handcrafted to well-known and prestigious brands are range of Kitchen - can be cooking up a storm to baking, Dining & Entertainment - to a simple mug to fine glassware, Textiles -beautiful range of tea towels.

Well source products from 100% pure linen tea towels to multi-purpose cloth for a tea towel to handles hot pots, pans and dishes.

Find reusable and environmentally friendly products which are less harmful to the environment. Products made to biodegradable, to plant base and sustainable. Products made that are biodegradable/natural/plant based/organic and sustainable. All are 100% cruelty-free.

We stock the normal products alongside are earth-friendly stationery made for sustainability forest paper, to moving into a stainable product made with the environmentally in mind, make you work office and home more greener. Are aimed to get people to write a letter, send a card, get planning and organised.

Natural Beauty:
All our cosmetics and beauty products are 100% cruelty-free and not tested on animals, because beauty should not cause pain, we believe ingredients should be organic/natural/plant-based and only tested on people. Your skin is the body's largest organ, what you put on your skin absorbs into your body. These key ingredients are for a better tomorrow, less chemical, cultivated products without pesticides.

Live Well:
Wellness products for relieving skin issues, sleep support, natural pain relief creams, wheat-bags to bath bombs. All are 100% cruelty-free.

Men's Grooming & Skincare:
Our selection includes beard oils, balms and waxes, hair brushes, skincare, shaving supplies and styling product.

Are pantry being a foodie dream, we selection a collection of locally made in New Zealand to the selection the finest imported. Our range of Baking – diy baking mixes, Condiments, Sauces & Jam – honey, lemon curd, vegetable stock etc, Confectionery & Chocolate – fairtrade chocolates, Snacks – e.g. fudge, Tea – loose tea leaves.

Posh Pet:
Pet products for your furry friend, all grooming products free from harsh synthetic chemicals, with ingredients being organic/natural/plant-based, an 100% cruelty-free.

Baby & Child:
Finding new ways to creating magic, by play, by create, by reading, by writing, to at home or on the go, to creating luxuriously nursery room, we are providing eco-friendly, nontoxic, organic, and products that are made from environmentally ways. Example range wooden toys to non-toxic play dough. All are 100% cruelty-free.

Candles & Home Fragrance:
Range from New Zealand made to Australian made and a small selection from international suppliers, to get your home smelling good. All are 100% cruelty-free.


R E P U R P O S E D,    R E U S E D,    R E C Y C L E D    &    R E D U C E  W A S T E


Beauty should not cost pain, for good reason beauty product should not be tested on animals, we believe ingredients should be organic/natural/botanical/plant-based and only tested on people.

We ignore brands that say ‘not/doesn’t tested on animals’ this maybe an industry trick to outsource testing to third party, we only stock brands that are cruelty-free to ensure from the start to finished product, have not harming, or killing an animal, from testing ingredients to finished products on live animals.

All are cosmetics, skincare, personal care, pet products, candles, home fragrance, household products are cruelty-free.

Check out product descriptions for Organic, Ethically, Palm Oil-Free, Eco-friendly, Made in New Zealand, and Handmade products.


Supporting organic farming, and conserve biodiversity, eco-system, sustainability, the enhancement of soil fertility and no too harsh chemicals. 
Organic but not necessarily certified.


Ethically made product that are focusing strongly on improving the social aspects around production, such as how the factories operate, how employees are treated and paid. Also means, fairly produced, Fairtrade, and socially responsible.


Botanical Charm checks all products are palm oil-free, including third party outsource from brands, this is from the start to finished products. We are against environmental destruction to source ingredients. Even if the products or brands say 'sustainable' does not guarantee palm oil-free, hidden or written in plain sight, look of synthetic ingredients like 'Cetyl Alcohol', 'Glycerin', 'Decyl Glucoside', 'Trighlyceride', and Caprylic. 

The right question is where ingredients came from and are rain-forest being decimated, the products or brands cruelty-free have animals being kill off, or harming, orangutans, elephants, others species.

We beliefs palm oil-free means against environmental destruction and animal cruelty.


Sustainable product that are not harmful to mother-earth.


Supporting local made products.



Skilled trade craftsman especially in made by hand products, know as 'Artisans'.

Mission Statement 

Botanical Charm mission is promoting gardening and inspire people to be gardeners through our actions and the brands we stock. As are tagline say ‘getting back to nature’ stocking products that are handpicked brands and products that are based on nature - ingredients should be organic/natural/botanical/plant-based - environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Online only. 
Selling only in New Zealand.

We are based in Waimate, South Canterbury, New Zealand. It is situated just inland from the eastern coast of the South Island, and halfway between Timaru and Oamaru.

A rural farming town.

Stop by and check out the White Horse monument, Bush walks, Mountain biking trails, and the art work on public buildings and Waimate Silos, Waimate Golf Club, Historical Buildings, and the Waimate Market on Saturday 9am-12pm. Also don't forget are beautiful shops in town.

Throughout the year are festivals and shows:

  • Waimate Summer Folk Festival (February) 
  • Waimate Garden and Craft Show (February)
  • Waimate Rodeo (February) 
  • March Hare Motorcycle Rally (March)
  • Bushtown Steam Up (March)
  • Waimate Winter Poultry Show (June/July)
  • Waimate Winter Festival (July)
  • Waimate Shears NZ Spring Shearing Championship (October)
  • South Canterbury A&P show (November)
  • Strawberry Fare (December)
  • Waimate's Christmas in the Square (December)