Root Pouch

Root Pouch

Root Pouch is made from recycled plastic water bottles. These water bottles were destined to end up in landfills. This not only prevents the water bottles from ending up in oceans and the environment but also eliminates the need to make additional pots or bags that are petroleum-based using natural resources.

The Root Pouch fabric planting container is a 100% food safe alternative to regular plastic containers and keeps plants healthy by promoting root health, prevents roots from circling, excess water drains freely and allows roots to feed, breathe and multiply.

Often mistaken for an Australian company due to the kangaroo logo, a member of the family drew on this emblem to represent the qualities of the fabric as providing a pouch-like environment that offers plants unsurpassed plant health, just as the kangaroo's pouch is known to protect and nourish its young as it grows!

Family-based company head quartered in Hillsboro, Oregon USA.

Root Pouch Inventor Sequence

Take a look at the evolution of Root Pouch.

Root Pouch Explainer

Why fabric pots? Why Root Pouch?

Root Pouch Roots 3 gallon Above Ground

This has been above ground for 15 months - check out those roots!

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Jim from Root Pouch explains the different options in fabric that. See something you like but we not stock, us are contact us page to email us.

Root Pouch

At our core, Root Pouch is a team moved by the obsession with creating, selling, and innovating the best growing containers in the world, and doing it sustainably the whole way. It’s not just about the recycled water bottles, or the natural fibers, or the different fabric lines; it’s about delivering a better products to you today than you had yesterday.