Face Brush - Standing

Face Brush - Standing
  • Face Brush - Standing
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Face Brush - Standing is a more modern and minimal take on the face brush.

This design provides excellent drainage, and clean lines for the bathroom.

Oiled beechwood and mane hair. Made in Germany.

Regular cleaning and care of the hairbrush is important:

First, use a brush cleaner to remove loose hair and dandruff from the brush. Afterwards, the brush should be washed in lukewarm water with a little shampoo. Just dip the bristles in the water and swing the brush back and forth. Then rinse the brush well in clear water and lay it on a cloth, for example, to dry. The bristles should point downwards.


As one of the leading European fine brush manufacturers, Brustenfabrik Keller GmbH offers its customers first-class products for hair and body care, selected household brushes and animal care brushes.

In addition to modern production, we also maintain traditional craftsmanship. Individual pieces are also still manufactured using the historic indentation process.

The woods are made of beech, pear, pine or olive wood. The oils we use are 100% vegan. All waxes are environmentally safe, and we are working towards using only 100% vegan oils.

Brushes are used in a wide variety of areas. This is why the choice of the most suitable raw materials is extremely important. Wood or plastic, natural or synthetic bristles: the decision is founded on our broad specialist knowledge.

We prefer to use materials of natural origin wherever possible.

Quality Made in Germany – Defining Quality Since 1869.